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"If you read just three people analyzing American politics today, do yourself a favor and make certain that Rhodes Cook is one of them. Rhodes is one of the three wisest Americans now analyzing this country's politics. As somebody who writes on politics, I want my reader to have one of two reactions: 1) Gee, I never knew that or 2) Gee, I never thought of it that way! Every time I read Rhodes Cook I have both reactions--with some envy--Gee, I never knew that and Gee, I never thought of it that way." 

~ Mark Shields, Analyst on PBS's NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, panelist on "Inside Washington," Syndicated Columnist, Creators Syndicate.


It's Not 'Morning in America'

There is good news and bad news for President Obama in the latest economic reports. The bad news is all too obvious. Gas prices are sky high. Houses are not selling. Job creation is slowing. And the unemployment rate is inching back up – to 9.1% for May.

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NY Win Lifts Dems' Spirits

Between general elections every two years, there are comparatively few electoral contests that can give a sense of the national mood. To be sure, there are off-year gubernatorial contests, a host of mayoral elections, and local races of all stripes. But at the national level, the lone electoral pulse-taking is the occasional special congressional election to fill a vacancy in the House of Representatives, or on rare occasion, the Senate.

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Let the 'Referenda' Begin

Elections have consequences. So too does legislation. No more so than in Wisconsin where Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s effort to roll back collective bargaining rights for state public employees is beginning to roil the electoral process.

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The Known and the Unknown

Here are several ways to look at the fledgling Republican presidential field. There are the secular and the morality-based candidates. There are the Tea Party favorites and those preferred by Wall Street. And looking at recent Gallup polls, there are the known and the unknown.

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Can Obama Follow Reagan's Trajectory?

When it comes to President Barack Obama and reelection, probably the best comparison is not with fellow Democrat Bill Clinton in 1995-96, but Republican Ronald Reagan in 1983-84.

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