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"If you read just three people analyzing American politics today, do yourself a favor and make certain that Rhodes Cook is one of them. Rhodes is one of the three wisest Americans now analyzing this country's politics. As somebody who writes on politics, I want my reader to have one of two reactions: 1) Gee, I never knew that or 2) Gee, I never thought of it that way! Every time I read Rhodes Cook I have both reactions--with some envy--Gee, I never knew that and Gee, I never thought of it that way." 

~ Mark Shields, Analyst on PBS's NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, panelist on "Inside Washington," Syndicated Columnist, Creators Syndicate.


Swing State Convention Sites

There may not be any active presidential candidates as yet, but each party has now picked the site where their standard-bearer will be officially nominated next year. Democrats last week announced that they would hold their 2012 convention in Charlotte, N.C. This follows the Republicans’ earlier selection of Tampa, Florida. Both will be late summer affairs with Democrats meeting the week of Sept. 3, and Republicans a week earlier.

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Where's the Presidential Campaign?

At this time four years ago, the 2008 presidential campaign was already well underway. Candidates were criss-crossing the country, raising money and jockeying for position in the public opinion polls. So far this year, all is quiet on the western front… and the northern, eastern and southern fronts as well. Candidates are laying low, remaining coy about their intentions, and basically acting as though a shorter campaign would be all to the good.

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President Reagan and Alzheimer's 

Presidential son Ron Reagan has just penned a book about his famous dad, titled My Father at 100: A Memoir. It reportedly is 228 pages in length and takes a look at the president’s long life, starting with the family’s roots in Ireland.

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Interesting Vote for Speaker

Often, the biennial vote for House speaker closely resembles the quadrennial tally of the electoral vote, a pro forma count occasionally interrupted by a dissenting vote from a “faithless elector.”

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Fashioning a Different Nominating Process for 2012

The identity of the field of candidates for the 2012 presidential race may yet to be known. But within the next three weeks, the rules under which they must conduct their campaigns should be in place.

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