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 “The ‘Rhodes Cook Letter’ is a must read for anyone interested in staying ahead of voter trends and elections.”

Tom Davis

Former US representative from Virginia (1995-2008) and chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)

“We look forward to the issues. My team is behind you 100%, and we very much appreciate your contributions over many, many years.”

Larry J. Sabato

Director, University of Virginia Center for Politics 

Since its inception in 2000, “The Rhodes Cook Letter” has been following U.S. elections for president, Congress, and governorships, as well as providing analysis of voting trends that these elections produce. It still does. In both presidential and midterm election cycles, the Letter takes a close look at primary contests as well as the November balloting, with an interest in placing both primary and general election results in historical context.

This is done with the help of various forms of charts and artwork presented in living Technicolor. They are designed to Illustrate in a straightforward and colorful fashion, the basic points that are being made in each issue. Maps, line graphs, and bar graphs, in particular, are featured.

From 2000 through 2016, the Letter was published on a bimonthly basis, with a total of six issues per year. Starting in the fall of 2017, issues will be published on an ad hoc basis, with a total of three or four per year.

Unlike in the past, when the Letter was sold on an annual subscription basis, payment will now be on an issue by issue basis, and can be done by cash, check, or through PayPal. The latter is a new option.

Thanks for your interest in the Letter.  I hope that you will give it a look. 



Recent Issues for Sale

Following is a list of issues of “The Rhodes Cook Letter” published since the beginning of 2016, with a brief description of each. Electronic copies of all past newsletters sell for $10 per issue; printed copies for $15 per issue. For a list of the titles and dates of newsletters published from the inception of “The Rhodes Cook Letter” in 2000 through 2015, please contact

January 2016 … “And Away We Go”  (19 pages)

A preview of the 2016 presidential nominating contests, especially the four states that kicked off the voting in February (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina).

February 2016 … “Apres SC, Le Deluge”  (17 pages)

A look at the results of the opening events in February dominated by Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side and Donald Trump on the Republican. Also, a look ahead at the glut of March primaries.

March 2016 … “Meaningful Primaries Ahead”  (18 pages)

A detailed review of presidential primary and caucus results in both parties through March, and an opening look at 2016 congressional primary action.

July 2016 … “The ’16 Primaries: Making History” (25 pages)

Final thoughts (and numbers) on the 2016 presidential primary season, plus results from the spring congressional primaries.

September 2016 … “Is This Election Over?”  (20 pages)

Emphatically “no” was the answer to the question posed in this issue. While Donald Trump looked unelectable to many political observers through the summer and fall of 2016, both major party candidates possessed clear strengths and weaknesses which made the race competitive to the end.

November 2016 … “A Divided America Votes” (18 pages)

An election eve preview of the November 2016 balloting, with information on state polling hours, final polling numbers, and data putting the presidential election into historical context.

March 2017 … “An Election Like None Other” (19 pages)

A first take on the stunning 2016 election results, with a focus on Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the presidential vote. The unexpected outcome was the product of a historical rarity: An Electoral College “misfire,” with different popular and electoral vote winners. It was only the fifth time in the nation’s history there was a “misfire,” but 2016 marked the second time it has happened since 2000.